• eLearning and learning activities 

      Liu, Yong (2017-10)
      eLearning 在线学习 Teaching & learning philosophies 教与学的哲学理论 Examples of eLearning 在线教育实例 Conclusion 总结 Q & A 提问与回答
    • Growing resilience with social media and e-learning : the case of the University of Canterbury 

      Ayebi-Arthur, K.; Dabner, N.; Tull, S. P. C.; Davis, N.; Cunningham, U. (University of Waikato, 2016-04)
      A university set on a beautiful spacious landscape had little need for e-learning until it was stimulated by crises to become more innovative. This case study research provides a rich picture of rapid adoption of social ...
    • Is your Moodle course out of date? 

      Liu, Yong (2015-07)
      Contents: Teaching and learning in 2015 Challenge of the current courses Moodle philosophy Conclusion
    • Moodle course : what is wrong with it? 

      Liu, Yong (2014-09-27)
      Contents: Introduction Teaching strategy Content management Six principles of effective e-learning Conclusion
    • Moodle Course and eLearning in 2015 

      Liu, Yong (2015-09)
      Contents: E- learning in 2015 What challenges our courses How does Moodle engage students Conclusion
    • Simple e-learning apps 

      Look, Morgan; Wilson, Hugh (2017-02)
      This workshop will look at some online apps that can be used as part of a blended learning pedagogy. The apps that will be presented are free, easy to learn (i.e. less than 5 minutes), available online using a smart phone ...
    • What is a good Moodle course? 

      Liu, Yong (2016-10-05)
      What is a good Moodle course? Big user data to process Gamification Personalized Learning Mobile Learning Automation Social Media Existing learning New learning What is a good Moodle course? Select Organize ...