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dc.contributor.authorWalters, S.
dc.contributor.authorSpencer, K.
dc.contributor.authorFarnham, Adrian
dc.contributor.authorWilliams, Vera
dc.contributor.authorLucas, P.
dc.description.abstractThis multi-case study involved coaches who are academics from New Zealand visiting the Philippines on an annual basis and implementing sports coaching programmes underpinned by a humanistic coaching philosophy. The study aimed to gain insight into how sport can be used by the Marist organization in the Philippines to (a) enhance their ability to effectively engage and build relationships within the communities they serve, and (b) to enhance the self-esteem and confidence of pupils in a school set up for children at risk and/or in conflict with the law. A primary objective was for the sports coaching initiative to be self-sustaining and ultimately delivered by graduates from a Marist institute of higher education. For many participants, this experience has been their very first engagement with sport at any level. Individual and focus group interviews revealed that the experience, for many participants and stakeholders, has been ‘transformative’ and ‘inspiring’. The notion of sport-for-all challenged traditional thinking about the role of sport as primarily a competitive enterprise. At the school, pupils adopted a more inclusive model of sport and the programme appeared to provide institute graduates with the confidence, skill and desire to engage through sport with young people in their communities.en_NZ
dc.rightsThe Journal of Sport for Development (JSFD) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal focused on publishing research from the Sport for Development sector. JSFD’s mission is to examine, advance and disseminate evidence, best practices, and lessons learned from Sport for Development programmes and interventions.en_NZ
dc.subjectsports educationen_NZ
dc.subjecthumanistic coachingen_NZ
dc.subjectcase studiesen_NZ
dc.subjectsecondary school athletesen_NZ
dc.subjectplay practiceen_NZ
dc.subjectat risk studentsen_NZ
dc.titleHumanistic sports coaching and the Marist organization : a multi-case study in the Philippinesen_NZ
dc.typeJournal Articleen_NZ
dc.subject.marsden130210 Physical Education and Development Curriculum and Pedagogyen_NZ
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationWalters, S., Spencer, K., Farnham, A., Williams, V., & Lucas, P. (2018). Humanistic sports coaching and the Marist organization: A multi-case study in the Philippines. Journal of Sport for Development, 6(11), 1-11.en_NZ
unitec.publication.titleJournal of Sport for Developmenten_NZ

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