• An academic managing an IT project using construction knowledge 

      Boon, John (2001-10)
      The author is a construction project manager with considerable experience who became an academic, teaching in the area of construction management about nine years ago. Since then he has widened his academic interests to ...
    • Active demand side management of a grid connected photovoltaic energy system using optimal control 

      Ahmad, Aziz; Anderson, T.N.; Swain, A.; Kamran, M. (2018-04)
      In this study, optimal energy management for a grid-connected photovoltaic-battery hybrid system was proposed to benefit customers at the demand side. The management of energy flow aims to minimize electricity cost subject ...
    • Analysing construction cost estimation factors as a map 

      Borna, Kambiz; Alshadli, Duaa; Moore, A. (2020-11)
      For construction projects, different factors such as the type the of project, material costs, project conditions and duration are combined to estimate the total project cost. Hence it is essential for the relationships ...
    • Analysis of employability skills for civil engineers in New Zealand 

      Sharma, Madhvi; De Costa, Gregory; Heyzer, Daymon (Institution of Engineers Australia, 2014-12)
      Background The transition from university to a career in civil engineering is a challenging process. This study examined the perceptions of engineering graduates regarding the difficulties they encountered in their ...
    • Building structural performance. Presentation conducted at the Building Structural Performance, Auckland. 

      Thomas, Cathy; Tuleasca, Lusa (2015-01)
      Initial Seismic Assessment ISA is intended to be a coarse evaluation and is recommended as first step in the overall assessment process ISA provide a board indication of the expected performance of a building taking ...
    • Digital natives and digital technologies in construction education 

      Kiroff, Lydia; Puolitaival, Taija (2019-11-28)
      Digitalisation is changing both our personal and professional lives. Although the construction industry has been seen as the least digitalised industry sector, digitalisation is emerging also there in the form of Building ...
    • Ductile cross laminated timber (CLT) platform structures with passive damping 

      Hashemi, Ashkan; Loo, Wei; Masoudnia, Reza; Zarnani, Pouyan; Quenneville, P. (2016-08)
      Multi-storey platform cross laminated timber (CLT) structures are becoming progressively desirable for engineers and owners. This is because they offer many significant advantages such as speed of fabrication, ease of ...
    • Education for sustainability in technological vocational education 

      Panko, Mary; Sharma, Rashika (2014-11)
      Building capabilities for the technological world of tomorrow is the primary aim of vocational education. That includes developing the skills and technical knowledge to problem-solve unseen needs by being able to design ...
    • Elasto-plastic behaviour of a rigid timber shear wall with slip-friction connectors 

      Loo, Wei; Quenneville, P.; Chouw, N. (New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE), 2014-03)
      The use of rigid engineered timber panels, such as cross-laminated-timber, in construction is increasing around the world, particularly in Europe and Australasia. Typically the panels rely on nailed or screwed steel plates ...
    • An elastoplastic solution for earthquake resistant rigid timber shear walls 

      Loo, Wei; Quenneville, P.; Chouw, N. (2014-09)
      In terms of seismic performance, timber structures have been observed to perform well, in spite of timber being an inherently non-ductile material. This is due mainly to the ductility of the steel-to-timber connections, ...
    • Energy systems analysis including hydrogen 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2017-11-10)
      UniSyD – Multi-regional energy economic model UniSyD Sample Results UniTrac - Multiple owner vehicle systems analysis UniTrac Sample Results Future interest
    • ExCo Member Update: New Zealand 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2020-02)
      Recent in-country developments / Update on policy National Energy strategy Government policy incentives Other news (market/commercial) IEA Hydrogen Task – NZ Engagement FCV Infrastructure
    • Google DashBoard 

      Pati, Kamuta (2014-11)
      Teacher Dashboard Reflection and recording of practical collaboration on drive Portfolio assessments on drive Augmented Reality Resources shared via google docs Mobile phones Aurasma Making it manageable
    • Government Initiatives to Decrease Skills Shortage 

      Fuemana, Daniel (2013)
      “The greatest challenge is the unprecedented workload that will be placed on the industry in the next few years, driven by the Canterbury rebuild, the demand in Auckland for housing and infrastructure investment, and the ...
    • House construction waste minimisation project Unitec 

      Pivac, Andy; O'Gorman, Colin (2015-07)
      Project Methodology • 4 identical re-locatable houses measured in project • 3 Bed, open plan wooden framed, iron roofed, cedar clad, • Waste stream separation by activities • Sub floor-bearers up- • Framing • Roofing ...
    • Hydrogen and New Zealand’s heavy vehicle fleet 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2019-08)
      INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES What’s driving zero emission fuels – greenhouse gas emissions Countries banning fossil fuels Current hydrogen market Automotive executives perspectives of hydrogen Benefits of hydrogen H2Light ...
    • Hydrogen focussed research: a Unitec update 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2020-07-27)
      Unitec Models: UniSyD UniSyD Model Development and Structure UniSyD Selective Output UniSyd Model – NZ Energy Outlook 2012 Unitec Models: UniTrac UniTrac selective output Publications (2017 - 2020)
    • IEA Hydrogen Forum - New Zealand update 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2019-02)
      Recent in-country developments / update on policy National Energy strategy Government policy incentives Highlights (R&D, Demo) Other news (market & commercial X 3) IDEA Hydrogen Task - New Zealand engagement FCVs
    • IEA Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) End of Term Report 2015-2020 and Strategic Plan 2020-2025 

      Lucchese, P.; Ohira, E.; Leaver, Jonathan (2019-09-11)
      IEA Hydrogen TCP – Strategic Framework 2015-2020 EVOLVING CONTEXT: Over the past five years the landscape for hydrogen has changed ; momentum has accelerated dramatically in the last two years EVOLVING CONTEXT: Industry ...
    • Impacts of an innovative residential construction method on internal conditions 

      Birchmore, Roger; Tait, Robert; Pivac, Andy (2014-09)
      New Zealand houses are known for producing sub-optimal internal thermal conditions and unacceptably high internal relative humidities. These contribute to poor levels of health, mould and can coincide with the decay of ...

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