• Energy systems analysis including hydrogen 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2017-11-10)
      UniSyD – Multi-regional energy economic model UniSyD Sample Results UniTrac - Multiple owner vehicle systems analysis UniTrac Sample Results Future interest
    • Hydrogen and New Zealand’s heavy vehicle fleet 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2019-08)
      INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES What’s driving zero emission fuels – greenhouse gas emissions Countries banning fossil fuels Current hydrogen market Automotive executives perspectives of hydrogen Benefits of hydrogen H2Light ...
    • Modelling with hydrogen : a holistic challenge 

      Leaver, Jonathan (2019-08-29)
      Modelling methodology General/partial equilibrium nexus Critical drivers for hydrogen technologies Identifying key variables Interactions of variables Robust utilities and elasticities Transparency/portability Reg ...
    • New Zealand update : IEA - Hydrogen Implementing Agreement Meeting, Petten, Netherlands 10-12 Feb. 

      Leaver, Jonathan; Stuart, Shane; Gardiner, Alister; Spencer, Jon; Hawkins, Steve; Shafiei, Ehsan (2015-02)
      1. Location 2. History of H2 events to date in New Zealand 3. Industry links 4. Proposed organisational structure. 5. Unitec Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies in Industry (HETI) 6. Three H2 focussed projects 7. ...
    • Techno-economic potentials and market trends for power-to-hydrogen and hydrogen-to-x based on a collaborative and international review 

      Robinius, M.; Linssen, J.; Mansilla, C.; Mihai, B.; Dolci, F.; Dickinson, R.; Funez, C.; Rupert, G.; Grand-Clement, L.; Hillard, S.; Iskov, H.; Proost, J.; Leaver, Jonathan; Quarton, C.; Samsati, S.; Olfa, T.; Valentin, S.; Weidener, E.; Lucchese, P. (2018-06-19)
      Motivation: Climate Targets Power-to-X Pathways: Core Elements of Future Energy Systems Task 38 of the IEA H2 TCP: Power-to-Hydrogen and Hydrogen-to-X Task 38 of the IEA H2 TCP : Power-to-Hydrogen and Hydrogen-to-X: ...