• Connecting 'across the ditch' and beyond! 

      Cioccarelli, Lesley; Hynson, Yvonne (2014)
      Take charge of your own professional development. By using the Internet, you can decide when, where and how to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments in teaching ESOL or community languages. This workshop will ...
    • The Internet of Things : and its implications for learning beyond the classroom 

      Reinders, Hayo; Romova, Zina (2017-07)
      It is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 50 billion connected devices. This will go beyond cellphones and computers, to include objects such as cars, household appliances, and – as the technology improves – clothes, ...
    • Learning and assessing for future imagined communities: Academic writing texts within portfolios 

      Romova, Zina; Andrew, Martin (Tertiary Writing Network, 2010-12)
      How can first year, tertiary-level EAL academic writing programmes for adult learners use both portfolio assessment and emerging understandings about the importance of discourse community and imagined communities to target ...
    • Teaching and learning academic writing: Narratives of future destinations. 

      Romova, Zina; Andrew, M. (2014)
      Focus: Qualitative project relating content and form of AW portfolios to: Student ‘destinations’, ‘disciplinary communities’ and ‘imagined communities’ The need of more specificity in creating ‘disciplinary identities’ ...
    • Teaching grammar creatively 

      Hadfield, Jill (English Australia, 2016-09)
      Creativity - what? why? how? Why encourage creativity in grammar teaching? Three ways we can help