• How to play when you don't know all the rules 

      Gambolati, Rob (2016-07)
      It is widely discussed that physical education is missed out on in primary schools because of a lack of confidence and/or competence in teachers. Fortunately the current curriculum promotes five key competencies that ...
    • Programming around the jewels : threshold concepts in physical education 

      McCall, Nichola; McKay, Anne; Thompson, Kylie (2016-07)
      How did we end up here? Wanted to think differently about course design – What is a ‘physically educated’ student? Concerned about an over-reliance on standards for course design Curiosity around scholarship (esp. ...
    • Concept to sale of a healthier snack bar 

      Rush, E.; Yan, Mary; Parsons., A; Kelleher, J.; Brown, D. (OMMEGA Publishers, 2016-02-02)
      Snacking between meals provides important contribution to dietary intake of key nutrients. There is a need for snack bars that are nutrient dense, have a low glycemic load and increase feelings of fullness and satiety. ...
    • Coaches and referees' perspectives of sideline behaviour in children's team sports : a cross-sectional study 

      Walters, S.; Schluter, P.; Stamp, Daniel; Thomson, Rex; Payne, D. (International Journal of Sport Management, Recreation & Tourism, 2016)
      This study arose from media and sporting organisations’ concerns in New Zealand about the sideline behaviour of adults at children’s team sporting events. The aim of the study was to measure and elicit the perspectives of ...
    • Nothing Else: a healthier snack bar. Food reformulation 

      Yan, Mary (2015-12-16)
      AIM OF THE STUDY ; PROOF OF CONCEPT / PRINCIPLE Development of a relatively healthy snack bar +using eight or fewer natural ingredients +presented in a clear front pack label +with verifiable health claims +and ...
    • Social media strategies : engaging with rugby union consumers 

      Scott, Olan; Pegoraro, Ann; Beaton, Anthony; Watkins, Jerry; Bruffy, Katherine; Naylor, Michael (2015-11)
      The rise and popularity of the Internet and social media has drastically changed the ways in which sport organisations communicate with their key stakeholders (Pedersen, Miloch, & Laucella, 2007). In terms of social media ...
    • When do I get to lead? 

      Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Emerson, Sue (2015-10)
      Research aim: To investigate the concept of informal and distributed leadership opportunities as a method of increasing accessibility to leadership for students within secondary schools.
    • Sport governance design : exploring ownership changes in rugby union 

      Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Cameron, Mark; Karg, Adam; Shilbury, David; Rowe, , Katie; Meiklejohn, Trevor; Bruffy, Katherine (2015-09)
      Focus: Ownership changes in the context of governance design 1st Set the scene – different ownership models 2nd Story of Rugby Union’s journey 3rd Where we have got to with the research project and where we want ...
    • Body physique and dominant somatotype in elite and low-profile athletes with different specializations 

      Gutnik, Boris; Zuoza, Aurelijus; Zuozienė, lona; Alekrinskis, Aleksandras; Nash, Derek; Scherbina, Sergei (Elsevier, 2015-07-31)
      Background and objective: Somatotyping is helpful in sports in which the body shape could influence the resulting performance. The purpose of this study was to determine the somatotype of high profile Lithuanian athletes ...
    • What does critical look like in Years 7-10? 

      Bowes, M.; McBain, S.; McKay, Anne (2015-07)
      What do you want to know? What is critical thinking and why is it important? Definitions of critical thinking Higher Order Critical Thinking (HoCT) and Sociological Critical Thinking (SoCT) in relation to the New ...
    • Flippin' research : [an inquiry into making learning visible in Health and Physical Education] 

      Bowes, M.; Hart, S.; McKay, Anne; Smith, A. (2015-07)
      RESEARCH 1 Integral part of our discipline 2 Informs our practice 3 Provide rationale for change 4 Exploring problems, issues, needs BUT........ THE PROBLEM Often initiated and led by 'academics' Can mean ...
    • Flipping research : a model for future focused research making learning visible in health and physical education 

      McKay, Anne; Bowes, Margot; Thompson, Kylie (Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 2015-04)
      This paper reports on a future-focused model for practitioner-led inquiry (PLI) in secondary Health and Physical Education (HPE). As a future-focused model this paper draws the notion of the Flipped Classroom (Tucker, ...
    • The sakeholder dilemma in sport governance : toward the notion of ‘stakeowner’ 

      Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Shilbury, D. (Human Kinetics, 2015-01)
      This study is positioned within the non-profit sport context and builds on an emerging body of work in sport governance to investigate how non-profit sport organizations can develop their governing capability. A rich data ...
    • Managing social media in sport 

      Scott, Olan; Bruffy, Katherine; Naylor, Michael (Sage Publishing, 2015)
      In 2013, sport comprised just 1% of television content, yet nearly half of all Tweets produced during that period were sport related (Nielsen 2014). Other social media is used extensively in conjunction with sport consumption ...
    • The convergence of sport marketing and sport development : addressing declining participation in a changing environment. A case study of Auckland Cricket Association. 

      Meiklejohn, Trevor; Bruffy, Katherine (2014-11)
      Environmental changes such as commercialism, advances in technology and increased competition have significantly influenced the way organisations operate. In particular, firms have to strategically adapt and match their ...
    • Questions of commercial ownership in sport governance : the Super Rugby journey 

      Meiklejohn, Trevor; Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Bruffy, Katherine; Karg, A.; Rowe, K.; Shilbury, D. (2014-11)
      Establishing governance structures for Super Rugby in NZ • How to position its involvement in the newly established Super Rugby competition given its allocation of five teams (franchises). • Establishing governance ...
    • Segmentation of a professional sport team's social media community 

      Bruffy, Katherine; Scott, O.; Naylor, M.; Beaton, A. (2014-11)
      Introduction: o Social media strategy development with the NZ Breakers o Social media within the sport industry is embedded within marketing practices o Social media enhances the consumer experience
    • Exploring the utility of collaborative governance in a national sport organisation. 

      Shilbury, D.; Ferkins, Dr Lesley (Human Kinetics, 2014-08-13)
      This paper presents the outcomes of an 18-month developmental action research study to enhance the governance capability of a national sport organization. Bowls Australia, the national governing body ...
    • Use of single forearm incision for tendon transfer for radial nerve palsy : prospective study 

      Thabet, Wael N.; Mahmoud, Mustaf; Aziz, Joseph (Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, 2014-01)
      Loss of radial nerve function in the hand creates a significant disability. The patient cannot extend the fingers and thumb and has great difficulty in grasping objects. Perhaps more importantly, the loss of active wrist ...
    • Isolateral kinetic indices in the first sub movement stage of rapid goal-directed arm movements 

      Gutnik, B.; Skurvydas, A.; Zuoza, A.; Zuoziene, I.; Mickeviciene, D.; Alekrinskis, A.; Pukenas, K.; Nash, Derek (DPTZK Ljubuški - Teskera, Put za crveni grm, bb - BiH, 2014)
      The aim was to explore lateral differences between mechanical energy, power and other kinetic indices in the initial phase of a discrete goal-directed rapid aiming task, based on a speed-accuracy tradeoff. Twenty two young, ...