• A mobile sensor activity for ad-hoc groups 

      Parsons, David; Thomas, H.; Inkila, Milla (2016)
      Designing mobile learning activities requires us to consider which key affordances of mobile devices can support the optimum learning experience. This short paper reports on the design and testing of a BYOD mobile learning ...
    • Navigating learning worlds 

      Parsons, David; Inkila, Milla; Lynch, J. (2017-05)
      Research context The reality continuum Pedagogical issues Tools used: Actionbound, Google Expeditions, Google Tour Builder (Beta) Results Physical accessibility The extent of world knowledge Scripts and ...
    • Navigating learning worlds : using digital tools to learn in physical and virtual spaces 

      Parsons, David; Inkila, Milla; Lynch, J. (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE), 2019-08-24)
      This article explores the various ways that teachers and learners can navigate different learning worlds with the support of digital tools. Increasingly, teaching and learning takes place in spaces beyond the classroom, ...
    • Transversal competencies in the 21st century school curricula 

      Inkila, Milla (2015-10)
      The national core curriculum for pre-primary and basic education is being renewed in Finland. New local curricula that are based on this core curriculum should be ready by the beginning of school year 2016–2017. This process ...
    • Using Trello to support agile and lean learning with Scrum and Kanban in teacher professional development 

      Inkila, Milla (2018-12)
      @millainkila The MindLab Problem Trello boards User cards Meaningful learning 3rd sprint / focus on leadership