Welcome to Unitec Research Bank, our open research repository that includes research produced by students and staff while affiliated with Unitec. It is intended to facilitate scholarly communication and shared access to our research outputs.

  • A mindful collaboration : a timber design-build 

    Campbell, Gemma (2019)
    RESEARCH QUESTION: How can architects collectively approach the design and construction processes to produce bespoke architectural products successfully? ABSTRACT: Architects and designers should create atmosphere and ...
  • Beneath the surface 

    Laubscher, Torben (2019)
    RESEARCH QUESTION: How can timber technologies, complemented by digital design processes be exploited to enhance architectural design and express contextual relationships? ABSTRACT: The rise of digital technologies ...
  • Highly nurtured : child development in a high-rise typology 

    Mosley, Sarah (2019)
    RESEARCH QUESTION: How can the high-rise typology be better designed to cater to the needs of young families and support the mental and physical health of both parents and children? ABSTRACT: Currently, the population ...
  • Spiritual reawakening : the sacred revival of water 

    Padmanabhan, Madhuvanthi (2019)
    RESEARCH QUESTION: How can a temple contribute to the cleanliness of the water in Bellandur Lake in India, create awareness around water issues and educate the public about water purification and its significance in the ...
  • Limbo : acknowledging value 

    Smith, Thomas (2019)
    RESEARCH QUESTION: How can the inherited qualities of a derelict place be retained in its rehabilitation? The Mittagong Maltings is located in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales, Australia. Established ...

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