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  • Ephemeral Crossroads: seven lamps, six years, seven lux-pavilions 

    Pretty, Annabel; Jadresin-Milic, Renata (Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA), 2018)
    Building materials in the modern era have assumed significance in architectural theory which they had not possessed in the past. The change was no doubt due to the multiplicity of materials, newly minted due to the innovative ...
  • Onehunga new waterfront reconnecting Onehunga suburb to their foreshore 

    Arief, Irawan Chandra (2018)
    RESEARCH QUESTIONS: How did people in Onehunga get access to their waterfront? How might a new waterfront project integrate existing projects? The waterfront of each city is unique. The waterfront may become a tourist ...
  • Urbanize 

    Walsh, Tira (2018)
    Painter Tira Walsh remembers the introduction to technology in the school’s curriculum in the late 90’s. The intrigue in this manipulative tool for creating hybrid images combined with an engagement in a discussion of ...
  • Erysichthon 

    Tiongson, Gabriel (2018)
    I have always been attracted to the asymmetrical, the uncanny, the mutated, the deviation, and the odd. These preoccupations were made manifest through my drawing practice. Friends, family, and acquaintances would often ...
  • The appraisal of commitment to biculturalism 

    Keith, Caroline (2018)
    Teaching Standards have been an integral part of appraisal in New Zealand for nearly 20 years, however, there is a paucity of literature on teachers’ perspectives on professional standards and the nature of their use in ...

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