• Future housing energy efficiency associated with the Auckland Unitary Plan 

    Su, Bin (International Conference on Municipal Engineering (ICME), 2014-07)
    The draft Auckland Unitary Plan outlines the future land used for new housing and businesses with Auckland population growth over the next thirty years. According to Auckland Unitary Plan, over the next 30 years, the ...
  • NZ Chinese/Chinese NZ : Auckland architecture's changing response 

    Francis, Kerry (Unitec ePress, 2014-08-07)
    Auckland city once had an area that was collectively known as Chinatown. It existed briefly at the foot of Grey’s Avenue for approximately sixty years from the turn of the century. In the period from 1959 its citizens were ...
  • Between Werkbund and wartime sobriety : Ernst Plischke‘s Designs for Orakei 

    Schnoor, Christoph (Unitec ePress, 2014-08-07)
    The first project that Ernst Plischke was entrusted with in the Department of Housing Construction after his arrival in Wellington in 1939 was a series of multi-unit buildings in Orakei, Auckland. He based their design ...
  • Papakāinga 2014 

    Hoskins, Raoul (2014-10-31)
    Contact Period Papakāinga Village as refuge Depression Housing Post WW2 Māori Affairs Housing Marae based Māori Affairs Housing Current Māori Housing Patterns… Whare Nikau – Puatahi Marae 2006 Contact Period ...
  • Architecture by us not without us 

    Hoskins, Raoul (2017-05-26)
    Māori Architecture in a Post Colonial context • Exploration of traditional construction technologies • Restoration and redevelopment of Marae environments • Māori engagement in the urban public realm
  • Digital DIY : EdFab Project 

    Patel, Yusef; McMeel, D. (Construction in the 21st Century (CITC), 2015-05)
    The widespread availability of automated fabrication tools is rising dramatically. Entry-level CNC routers, robotics and 3D printers can be a cost effective machinery for small to medium sized enterprises to implement. The ...
  • Urban prototype : plywood architecture 

    Patel, Yusef; Chapman, J. B.; Dermott, M. (2015-12)
    The widespread availability of automated fabrication tools is rising dramatically. The pairing of CAD/CAM software and automated tools presents a shift in how the designer can take part in the manufacture process. This ...
  • 城市环境设计和绿色建筑的关系 = Urban environmental design and green building 

    Su, B. (辽宁科学技术出版社, 2015-05)
    中国有一句古语,“不要丢了西瓜捡芝麻”。从我们学术一点的角度来讲,《建筑物理》上面就会 有一段描述,说如果在供热的情况下,把供热温度调低一度,我们差不多能节省 10% ~15% 的能源。 如果空调温度提高一度,我们大致可以节省 5% ~8% 的能源。 我们想象一下,如果我们能把一个城市或者一个建筑基地,通过我们的设计和规划,如果在冬季 基地温度能提高一度,或者在夏季基地温度能降低一度,可能我们人不一定能感觉到有多强烈的变化, ...
  • Projetos urbanos e a construção social da cidade: intervenções nas áreas portuárias de Porto Alegre e Auckland 

    Melchiors, L. C.; Wagner, Cesar (2016-07)
    Nas últimas décadas as cidades contemporâneas tem sido marcadas por profundas transformações em seus centros históricos. A partir dos anos 80, tornou-se uma constante mundial a discussão em torno de políticas visando a ...
  • Legislation revisited : new hope for the earthquake prone "home shop?" 

    Murphy, Chris (School of Architecture and the Built Environment, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, 2016-12)
    A review of current earthquake-prone building policy undertaken by the New Zealand Ministry of Building, Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE) follow the Christchurch earthquake, resulted in the Government introducing legislation ...
  • The Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme : four years on. 

    Murphy, Chris (International Association for Housing Science (IAHS), 2016-09)
    The Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme (LBP Scheme), restricting certain aspects of the design and construction of residential buildings in New Zealand to licensed building personnel, was a Government initiative passed ...
  • Sponge city : bring nature to the Chinese citiy 

    Bradbury, Matthew; Wang, Xinxin; Zhu., K (2016-11)
    通过四个项目:二个位于新西兰奥克兰,两 个位于中国,探索了当代城市防洪的方法。 这四个项目的分析均采用业内常用的方法: 汇水区分析、GIS分析和建设模式分析。但这几种 方法的综合运用产生了独特的削减和处理雨洪的 效果。 城市导致洪水加剧已成为共识,减缓城市洪 水的方法亦广为人知。绿色屋顶、雨水花园、植 草沟、湿地等均为在城区内削减洪水的方法。 但是这些对城市本身的设计有什么影响?传 统的城市由密集的建筑和基础设施组成。新城的 ...
  • Assessing the comprehensive competitiveness of Shangdong Peninsula Megaregion 

    Li, Y.; Wang, Xinxin; Yu, L.; Yang, M. (2015-11)
    The Shandong Peninsula Megaregion (SPM) is located in China’s eastern coastal area between the Yangtze River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Megaregions. To understand its status of development in the national context, ...
  • Te aranga Māori design principles : experiences in Tāmaki Makaurau 

    Hoskins, Raoul (2015-03-19)
    Kaupapa Māori cultural landscapes are essential to supporting and reinforcing cultural identity and connection to place’. * This presentation focuses on challenges and opportunities for local government, iwi and their ...
  • Urbanisation : a Māori counter response 

    Hoskins, Raoul (2016-11-14)
    Te Pooti Marae remains as part of a previously much larger Māori settlement located on the right bank of the Whanganui - New Zealand’s longest navigable river * Home of the Ati Haunui a Paparangi tribe * The village ...
  • Māori housing experiences of prefabrication : opportunities and challenges 

    Hoskins, Raoul (2015-04-23)
    *Papakāinga Prefabrication projects *The nature and challenges of Māori housing projects *Opportunities for the sector
  • Goldfinger revisited. James Bond set designs by Ken Adam as modernist spaces of power 

    Schnoor, Christoph; Wilson, Scott (SAHANZ, 2016-07)
    Ken Adam (b. 1921) developed set designs for seven of the early James Bond films and a number of other important works. Goldfinger (1964) is among the most famous of these films, and Adam’s designs have since made film ...
  • Smart city, resilient region : the case for smart resilience and Genoa as an international model 

    Bogunovich, Dushko (2015-06)
    Raffaele La Capria, in his novel, “Ferito a morte” which was awarded the Strega prize in 1961, already talked about Naples, his hometown, describing the transformations it was subject to, because of property speculation. The ...
  • Saving the past : new challenges for earthquake prone buildings in New Zealand 

    Murphy, Chris (Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA), 2015-12)
    The challenges facing heritage buildings in New Zealand will become all the more significant if legislation to strengthen building code requirements for these buildings is enacted. The strengthening proposals particularly ...
  • Ernst Plischke and the Dixon Street Flats 

    Schnoor, Christoph (Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand, 2015-07)
    Ernst Plischke’s life and work have been thoroughly researched and written about. However, one crucial moment still remains uncertain – and it seems that, for New Zealand Architectural History, much hinges on this one ...