Recent Submissions

  • The Brazilian metropolitan regions in the context of the statute of metropolis: the importance of collaborative governance. 

    Melchiors, L. C.; Wagner, Cesar (Instytut Metropolitalny, 2016)
    The current urban situation is represented by issues that go beyond municipal boundaries and by increasingly complex arrangements between cities. Part of this complexity arises from the polycentric character of metropolitan ...
  • Self formation and innovation 

    Klasz, Walter; Bacher, Michael; Woodruffe, Paul (EdA International Journal, 2015-09-27)
    Contemporary architecture and product design is confronted with a rapidly increasing offer of new materials and technologies. At the same time a growing consciousness can be observed that some established solutions need a ...
  • City Profile: Berlin 

    Arandjelovic, Biljana; Bogunovich, Dushko (Elsevier, 2014-04)
    Berlin was the center of the Cold War conflict. • After reunification in the 90s, Berlin became the biggest building site in Europe. • Today, the productive force of Berlin lies in its culture and media industries. • Recent ...
  • The unstable city : heritage and agency 

    Budgett, Jeanette; Kaza, Krystina; McDonald, Allan (Unitec ePress, 2013-06-19)
    The Unstable City engages with questions of Auckland’s architectural heritage and draws attention to the potential widespread loss of buildings. The immediate prompt for the publication was the series of devastating ...
  • Stilled in the city by coloured light 

    Rennie, Julian (Screencity Lab, 2013-09)
    Does coloured light still have the power to silence us? In the current urban world of social media and 30-second sound bites, do we have any retreats from our “uba-paced” lifestyle? Is there time and are there places where ...

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