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Unitec Symposium Contributions


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  • Williams, Jocelyn (2014 Unitec Annual Research Symposium, 2014)
    Filmed stories associated with the work of six Unitec researchers from Social Practice, Design, and Communication are the subjects of a series of programmes to be broadcast before the end of 2014 on Sky channel 83. Each ...
  • Oldfield, James; McKnight, Carol; Goundar, Nadesa; Stewart, James; Slessor, Andrew (Whitireia Auckland Research Symposium, 2014)
    The Shades of Grey education game is a team-based game that students play in a class lecturers to easily add gaming elements to their lessons. Shades of Grey is used as a mechanism to encourage the student discussion and ...
  • Marshall, Steven (Unitec Teaching & Learning Symposium, 2009)
    Performance assessing: What if there are no wrongs and no rights? What happens when you ask your students to employ fundamental theories, concepts and techniques in practice-based settings to develop their overall ...

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