• Heart, Honesty and Discipline: Mask Training and the Foundation of Lab: Research Theatre Company 

    Ilgenfritz, Pedro (2010)
    The culture of actor training is central in the work of LAB: Research Theatre Company. This paper explores the principles behind the development of the company’s own theatre language and the ethos that informs the utilization ...
  • Louis Laloy and His La Musique Chinoise 

    Gong, Hong-Yu; Wen, Yonghong (Zhongyang Yinyue Xueyuan,Central Conservatory of Music, 2013)
    French musicologist Louis Laloy, author of the first biography of Debussy and his study of Chinese music.
  • Misreading, Omission and Exaggeration in Studies of Sino-Western Musical Interaction - The Case of Molihua 

    Gong, Hong-Yu (Renmin Yinyue Chubanshe, People's Music Publishing House, 2013)
    Molihua, musicology, East-West interactions
  • Missionaries and Chinese Gongche Notation 

    Gong, Hong-Yu (Sichuan Yinyue Xueyuan,Sichuan Conservatory of Music, 2013)
    Gongche is the traditional and ancient form of musical notation in China.
  • Post-Web 2.0 Pedagogy: From Student-Generated Content to International Co-Production Enabled by Mobile Social Media 

    Cochrane, Thomas; Antonczak, Laurent; Wagner, Daniel (IGI Global, 2013-10)
    The advent of web 2.0 has enabled new forms of collaboration centred upon user-generated content, however, mobile social media is enabling a new wave of social collaboration. Mobile devices have disrupted and reinvented ...
  • Protestant Missionaries and Chinese Music: The Case of George T. Lay (1800-1845) 

    Gong, Hong-Yu (Chinese Music Society of North America, 2013)
    George Tradescant Lay was a British naturalist, mssionary and diplomat.
  • THX 1138: (Re-) Made in God’s Image 

    Wilson, Scott (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, 2014)
    It is, perhaps, a little, hyperbolic to refer to George Lucas as ‘the greatest artist of our time’, responsible for closing ‘the gap between art and technology more successfully’ (Paglia, 2012) than any other; yet it is ...
  • The unusual symmetry of musicians: Musicians have equilateral interhemispheric transfer for visual information 

    Patston, Lucy; Kirk, Ian J.; Rolfe, Mei Hsin S.; C. Corballis, Michael; Tippett, Lynette J. (2007)
    Previous behavioural research has shown that spatial attention is bilaterally represented in musicians, possibly reflecting more equal neural development between the hemispheres. We investigated this theory electrophysiologically ...
  • 上海开埠后教会音乐活动研究 

    Gong, Hong-Yu (Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 2014)
    The author tackles the Catholic and Protestant missionaries musical life after Shanghai opened as a port city from the mid-19~th century to the early 20~th century, touching these churchs’, as well as their schools’, musical ...
  • 从广东淘金客到谭盾 —中华传统音乐文化在新西兰的传播 (1865-2013) 

    Gong, Hong-Yu (China Electronic Journal Publishing House, 2014)
    文章旨在回顾中国音乐在新西兰近一百五十年的传播历程,其聚焦点主要有三: 一是叙述中华民 族音乐文化在新西兰传播的过程、传承者及其所传播的具体内容; 二是凸显不同时期中国音乐文化在新西兰流 传的区域、语境、渠道及特点; 三是概述新时期新西兰社会对多元文化的诉求及中国音乐在新西兰的现状。 The musical encounters between China and New Zealand from the latter part ...
  • “他者审视”:明末至民国 来华西人眼中的中国音乐 

    Gong, Hong-Yu (China Electronic Journal Publishing House, 2014-07-04)
    近年来,随着学界关于“中国音乐研 究要走向世界”、“中国音乐研究要与国际 接轨”、“中国学界应与国际学界争夺话语 权”讨论的不断深入,国内音乐学界与文 学、历史、社会等学界一样,对域外学者 的著述多有译介。事实上,现代意义上的 中国音乐史研究,从一开始便是一个具有 国际面向的学科。以最早采用现代学术方 法研究中国音乐史的王光祈为例,20 世纪 30 年代初,王光祈在德国柏林撰写“中国 古代音乐史学科完成现代学术转型的第一 ...
  • 田边尚雄朝鲜、台湾、中国大陆访乐 之行及其影响 

    Gong, Hong-Yu (China Electronic Journal Publishing House, 2014)
    本文以田边尚雄 1921-1923 年的朝鲜、台湾、中国大陆之行为主轴,以其东亚访乐时所作的 札记、所发表演讲稿、当地之相关报道、田边后来的回忆及近期中日学者所做相关研究为依据,试图对田边 氏对中国音乐的考察活动作一较全面的梳理介绍。除探索田边尚雄对中国音乐之认知及思路特征外,还 将对与此相关的中日音乐界前尘往事,做一些回顾和反思