Recent Submissions

  • Continuing professional development - a re-examination of the facts 

    Henwood, Suzanne; Edie, J; Flinton, D; Simpson, R. (1998)
    This article reviews research published over the last 15 years, exploring the various components of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and considers why it is important and whose responsibility it is. The style that ...
  • CPD five years on: what New Zealand MRTs think about mandatory CPD 

    Henwood, Suzanne; Yielder, Jill; Flinton, Dave (2010)
    This article reports the results of a survey investigating the attitudes of New Zealand Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) to continuing professional development (CPD) following the implementation of a mandatory CPD ...
  • Best Practice in Barium Enemas 

    Henwood, Suzanne; Conteh, Abdul-Karim (2000)
    Poor communication and inadequate protocols compromise the quality of care given to some patients attending the imaging department for barium enema examinations. Abdul-Karim Conteh, radiographer at City University, London, ...
  • Exploring radiographers’ attitudes to mandatory CPD in the United Kingdom and New Zealand 

    Henwood, Suzanne; Yielder, Jill; Flinton, Dave (Australian Institute of Radiography, 2010-04)
    Introduction: This paper reports the first phase of a two-phase longitudinal study which explored the attitudes of radiographers in two countries (UK and New Zealand) towards CPD, before and after the introduction of a ...

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