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  • When do I get to lead? 

    Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Emerson, Sue (2015-10)
    Research aim: To investigate the concept of informal and distributed leadership opportunities as a method of increasing accessibility to leadership for students within secondary schools.
  • Sport governance design : exploring ownership changes in rugby union 

    Ferkins, Lesley; Cameron, Mark; Karg, Adam; Shilbury, David; Rowe, Katie; Meiklejohn, Trevor; Bruffy, Katherine (2015-09)
    Focus: Ownership changes in the context of governance design 1st Set the scene – different ownership models 2nd Story of Rugby Union’s journey 3rd Where we have got to with the research project and where we want ...
  • Social media strategies : engaging with rugby union consumers 

    Scott, Olan; Pegoraro, Ann; Beaton, Anthony; Watkins, Jerry; Bruffy, Katherine; Naylor, Michael (2015-11)
    The rise and popularity of the Internet and social media has drastically changed the ways in which sport organisations communicate with their key stakeholders (Pedersen, Miloch, & Laucella, 2007). In terms of social media ...
  • Managing social media in sport 

    Scott, Olan; Bruffy, Katherine; Naylor, Michael (Sage Publishing, 2015)
    In 2013, sport comprised just 1% of television content, yet nearly half of all Tweets produced during that period were sport related (Nielsen 2014). Other social media is used extensively in conjunction with sport consumption ...
  • Isolateral kinetic indices in the first sub movement stage of rapid goal-directed arm movements 

    Gutnik, B.; Skurvydas, A.; Zuoza, A.; Zuoziene, I.; Mickeviciene, D.; Alekrinskis, A.; Pukenas, K.; Nash, Derek (DPTZK Ljubuški - Teskera, Put za crveni grm, bb - BiH, 2014)
    The aim was to explore lateral differences between mechanical energy, power and other kinetic indices in the initial phase of a discrete goal-directed rapid aiming task, based on a speed-accuracy tradeoff. Twenty two young, ...
  • The governance of high performance sport 

    Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Bottenburg, Maarten Van (Routledge., 2013)
    Upon completion of this chapter the reader should be able to:  Discuss meanings and definitions associated with the governance of sport in the high performance setting  Distinguish between organizational governance ...
  • The role of governance and the influence of boards in high performance sport 

    Meiklejohn, Trevor; Ferkins, Dr Lesley (2013)
    The success of individual athletes or teams depends increasingly on the performance capacity of the organisations and system from which they emanate and their effectiveness in using relevant resources for the benefit of ...
  • A multi-stage exploration of social media strategy in professional sport: The case study of the New Zealand Breakers 

    Bruffy, Katherine; Scott, Olan; Naylor, Michael (2013)
    The social media problem : social media is everywhere in sport, how do we (Breakers) get better? A multi-faceted partnership since 2011  Purpose is to address current and relevant industry issues  Mutually beneficial ...
  • Sport governance encounters: Insights from lived experiences 

    Shilbury, David; Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Smythe, Liz (Elsevier Ltd, 2013)
    This study explored sport governance practice from the lived experience of one informant spanning a 30-year period in the governance of two sport organisations (basketball and cricket). Hermeneutic phenomenology, the ...
  • Sport development and physical activity promotion: An integrated model to enhance collaboration and understanding 

    Rowe, Katie; Shilbury, David; Ferkins, Dr Lesley; Hinckson, Erica (Elsevier Ltd, 2013)
    As inactivity and obesity levels continue to rise, calls are being made for sport development action to be further directed towards capitalising on the value of community participation for health and social benefits. This ...
  • Nostalgia-related aspects of professional sport facilities: A facility audit of major league baseball and national football league strategies to evoke the past. 

    Meyer, Katherine; Seifried, Chad (George Costa, 2010-01-01)
    This paper focused on documenting how Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL) utilize nostalgia through their sport facilities to showcase the past, present and even the future. This study involved ...

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