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  • Bridgman, Geoff; Sainsbury, Cat (Deaf View 3 Conference, 2013)
    What are the existing deaf mental health and addiction services, the gaps and a proposed service model (Nationally Coordinated Deaf Mental Health and Addiction Service) developed by the Coalition of Deaf Mental Health ...
  • Napan, Ksenija; Connor, Helene (Thirteenth International Diversity Organizations, Communities and Nations Conference, 2013)
    Transcultural Social Practice at Unitec. The course attracts social practitioners from a range of professional and cultural backgrounds, affinities, personalities and experiences. This diversity is ultilised as a main asset ...
  • Hughes, Catherine (Aged Care Service Delivery Conference, 2013)
    While undertaking an in-depth ethnographic research project to fulfill the reqiuirements of a PhD, I met a woman who I call Joan. Joan and seven other people with life limiting diagnoses became my research participants ...
  • Mizutani, Satomi; Dallow, Tomoko (NZASIA Conference 2013, 2013)
    It is argued that positive emotions are likely to broaden people’s sense of options and to encourage them to consider various solutions while negative emotions are likely to narrow people’s focus and to restrict their sense ...
  • Malcolm, Margy-Jean (Conservation Inc Conference, 2013)
    We bring to community conservation a wonderful, essential passion for 'what' we want to achieve. This presentation invites us to pause and consider 'how' we lead in this space of community-based engagement around ...
  • Nel, Pieter; Hansen, Jens J.; Boyd, Mary-Anne (3rd AGSE International Entrepreneurial Research Exchange 'Regional frontiers of entrepreneurship research', 2006)
    Health research is often regarded as fragmented, competitive and highly specialized. However, there is often little effective communication and consultation between producers of health research and end users. Given this, ...
  • Malcolm, Margy-Jean (New Zealand Council of Social Services Conference, 2010)

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