Recent Submissions

  • Hygiene und Reinheit für das Südsee-Paradies : Preußisch-koloniale Interventionen im Samoa 

    Schnoor, Christoph (Transcript Verlag, 2013)
    In den knapp fünfzehn Jahren ihrer kurzen Kolonialherrschaft in Samoa setzte die deutsche Verwaltung unter ihrem Gouverneur, Dr. Wilhelm Solf, eine Reihe von baulichen und infrastrukturellen Erweiterungen des Ortes Apia ...
  • Cultural Identity and the City - Auckland, NZ and Wismar 

    Schnoor, Christoph (Wismar University of Applied Sciences and DAAD, 2013)
    What forms the cultural identity of a city? As architectural historian and theorist, I will apply this question to the “Baukultur”, this German term, on the one hand heavily loaded and on the other hand virtually impossible ...
  • The Application of Quality of Life Metrics 

    Potangaroa, Regan; Santosa, Happy; Wilkinson, Susan (Springer, 2014)
    The current “resilience gap” is how it can be enabled in reality from its apparent idealistic grounding? This chapter accepts that a first step should be the establishment of a suitable metric for resilience measurement. ...

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