Recent Submissions

  • Product design of a pair of ergonomic crutches 

    Buckley, Paula (Auckland Artificial Limb Society, 2015)
    Traditional full length crutches have fallen out of favour with the medical profession and consumers as they routinely cause arm injuries (blistering, broken vessels in the veins and swelling) and can sometimes lead to ...
  • Rosebank: Cabbages, Horses and Science – a short film on 3 Rosebank stories 

    Woodruffe, Paul (Unitec ePress, 2014-09-10)
    eMedia publication documenting three examples of the Rosebank Peninsula’s remaining past uncovered using film by the everyday collective laboratory.
  • The Moveable Feast Collective Teach Design 

    Jowsey, Susan (Unitec ePress, 2014-11-20)
    The aim of this new eMedia project is to review aspects of the decision making with regards to teaching design and the pedagogical framework employed. Moveable Feast attempted a complex cross disciplinary research based ...
  • Baetsch in the city - Vienna, Austria 

    Woodruffe, Paul; Klasz, Walter (2012-09)
    The objectives were to create a building that at once is both familiar and strange, and to use materials gathered by the local people from the surrounding environment and to use this process to facilitate storytelling and ...
  • The old North Shore. A heritage walkway: Rahopara Pa to Campbells Bay beach 

    Woodruffe, Paul; Henderson, Ian; Corbet, Rob (2011)
    There are many interesting heritage sites and buildings within what used to be called North Shore City, most of these are protected, documented, valued by the local residents and enjoyed as a destination by visitors. What ...
  • Memorial Avenue 

    Woodruffe, Paul (2010-09-27)
    Slideshow developed for the Everyday Collaborative Laboratory for use in public meetings, and presented to the Takapuna Community Board as part of the case for classifying Memorial Avenue as a heritage site.