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Welcome to Unitec Research Bank, our digital repository service that enables the deposit, storage and discovery of research produced by Unitec students and staff. It is intended to facilitate scholarly communication and shared access to our research outputs.

Unitec Research Bank is developed and maintained by Unitec Library using the DSpace platform in collaboration with members of LCoNZ consortium.

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  • Reinders, Hayo; White, Cynthia (Language Learning & Technology: a refereed journal for second and foreign language scholars and educators, 2011)
    The areas of autonomy and technology in language education have a potentially very close but in practice often also uneasy relationship. In a narrow sense, technology is a tool that helps learners and educators to achieve ...
  • Reinders, Hayo; Balçikanli, Cem (Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language), 2011)
    The development of learner autonomy is widely seen as beneficial in preparing students for lifelong learning. It is also recognised that most learners need explicit instruction in skills for independent learning. Classrooms ...
  • Reinders, Hayo (, 2010)
    Digital storytelling is a compelling activity for the language classroom. Easy to use for both writing and speaking practice, digital storytelling can be a good way to motivate students to use the language both inside and ...
  • Reinders, Hayo (, 2010)
    Recent years have seen a lot of interest in learner autonomy. Although many teachers can see the value of encouraging in learners more awareness of the learning process, and the ability to make decisions about their learning ...
  • Reinders, Hayo; Cho, Min Young (TESL - EJ, 2010)
    The use of mobile phones and other mobile devices for educational purposes has received increasing attention in recent years (Chinnery, 2006). Teachers and materials designers are starting to explore the potential of ...

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