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Welcome to Unitec Research Bank, our digital repository service that enables the deposit, storage and discovery of research produced by Unitec students and staff. It is intended to facilitate scholarly communication and shared access to our research outputs.

Unitec Research Bank is developed and maintained by Unitec Library using the DSpace platform in collaboration with members of LCoNZ consortium.

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  • tunnicliffe, craig (Whanake: The Pacific Journal of Community Development, 2015)
    Movies, and perhaps more importantly documentary movies, need to be separated into good documentaries and important documentaries. Citizenfour would then fall squarely in this second category, and require viewing for ...
  • Jeffery, Dawn A.; Stansfield, John (Whanake: The Pacific Journal of Community Development, 2015)
    Organic waste, particularly food waste, has been identified as a significant hazardous component of the waste to landfill stream. The waste represents an economic loss as well as an environmental pollutant, which is digested ...
  • Connor, Helene (Whanake: The Pacific Journal of Community Development, 2015)
    This paper provides an overview of the life and community development work of Whāea Betty Wark (1924-­‐2001). Whāea Betty was a Māori woman who was actively involved with community-­‐based organisations from the 1950s until ...
  • Jeffs, Lindsay (Whanake: The Pacific Journal of Community Development, 2015)
    Community economic development and social enterprise are growing fast across the globe in both developed and developing countries. They are major components of a new economics arising from the failure of traditional ...
  • Chua, Eu Jin (2013 Under Construction Symposium Interstices. Moved: On Atmosphere and Affects., 2013)
    In the study of ancient or pagan thought, the term “elementalism” is sometimes used to refer to the personification of nature’s elements — for example, the belief in the existence of a god of wind or god of fire. Conversely ...

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