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  • Smart Grid ICT infrastructure: New Zealand perspective 

    Nair, N. K. C.; Bahadornejad, Momen; Joish, J. H. S. (2015-06)
    In the transition of power system industry from traditional electricity grid towards Smart grid the distribution utilities are facing increased expectation from variety of stakeholders to support national energy efficiency ...
  • Client value in procured construction services: New Zealand participants' perspectives 

    Aliakbarlou, Sadegh; Wilkinson, S.; Costello, S. B.; Rotimi, J. O. B. (New Zealand Built Environment Research Symposium. (NZBERS), 2014-11)
    MOTIVATION: Due to the lack of a practical evaluation method to assist clients with measuring value in construction services when hiring service providers, there is greater emphasis on price rather than clients’ values. ...
  • Impacts of DRGs on distribution network protection 

    Bahadornejad, Momen; Calvert, Rhett; Carson, Nicholas; Dinh, Minh; Farzinfar, M.; Joish, Jagadeesha; Mishra, Ankur; Nair, Nirmal; Vegdani, Moonis; Zhang, Jake (2014-11)
    Introduction Outline New Zealand Distribution Network Protection Practices Survey Highlights Section 1- Utility General Information (4) Section 2- Considerations (3) Section 3- System Data (14) Section 4- Phase ...
  • How does the option of video assessment impact on student choice and grades? 

    Schofield, L.; Baker, K.; Vo, D.; Pham, Truman; Lindsay, L; Han, B. (Unitec ePress, 2017-10)
    As digital fluency is becoming an educational priority, contemporary educators are increasingly looking at innovative means of assessment to replace or supplement more traditional approaches such as written essays or tests. ...
  • Standards based household load control prototype 

    Mollah, K. U. Z.; Bahadornejad, Momen; Nair, N. K. C. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014-09)
    In this paper a platform is developed to facilitate the control of household loads using communication protocols relevant to home automation and substation automation systems. Protection IEDs that support IEC 61850 standard ...

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