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Welcome to Unitec Research Bank, our digital repository service that enables the deposit, storage and discovery of research produced by Unitec students and staff. It is intended to facilitate scholarly communication and shared access to our research outputs.

Unitec Research Bank is developed and maintained by Unitec Library using the DSpace platform in collaboration with members of LCoNZ consortium.

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  • Mizutani, Satomi; Dallow, Tomoko (NZASIA Conference 2013, 2013)
    It is argued that positive emotions are likely to broaden people’s sense of options and to encourage them to consider various solutions while negative emotions are likely to narrow people’s focus and to restrict their sense ...
  • Haines, Karen (AKTESOL (Auckland branch of the TESOL Association of Aotearoa New Zealand) workshop, 2013)
    Do new digital tools challenge who we are or what we do as language teachers? This session draws on theory, practice and recent research in CALL to explore some of the realities of keeping pace with new tool and software ...
  • Borsos, Chanelle J. (Master of Landscape Architecture, 2010)
    This project explores how perception can be used to facilitate design within the rural landscape of New Zealand. From the earliest days of European settlement, the environmental history of New Zealand's rural landscapes ...
  • Haines, Karen (WorldCall 2013, Global perspectives on Computer-Assisted Language Learning, 2013)
    This presentation reports on an investigation into situated teacher learning and their developing understandings of the affordances of new computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools. In-service teachers need to identify ...
  • Bishop, Pauline (New Zealand Tertiary College Conference, 2013)
    Questions to consider: What do children learn from how we treat them? What impact does our treatment have on them as members of a community? What does it mean to hold children in unconditional positive regard? Some ...

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