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Welcome to Unitec Research Bank, our digital repository service that enables the deposit, storage and discovery of research produced by Unitec students and staff. It is intended to facilitate scholarly communication and shared access to our research outputs.

Unitec Research Bank is developed and maintained by Unitec Library using the DSpace platform in collaboration with members of LCoNZ consortium.

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  • Alexander, Samuel; Sarrafzadeh, Hossein (Global Business and Technology Association 2014 Conference, 2014)
    A method of peer tutoring was used and evaluated in an introductory programming course in Haskell. Students were paired on the basis of skill level with pairings opposite those suggested by the existing literature. This ...
  • Fourie, Leon; Overmyer, Scott; Shanbehzadeh, Jamshid; Sarrafzadeh, Hossein; Alexander, , Samuel T.V. (Global Business and Technology Association 2014 Conference, 2014)
    Easy with Eve is an affect-sensitive tutoring system that features Eve, an animated pedagogical agent that adapts to student emotion based on the results of an observational study of human tutors. This paper presents the ...
  • Fourie, Leon; Pang, Shaoning; Kingston, Tamsin; Hettema, Hinne; Watters, Paul; Sarrafzadeh, Hossein (Global Business and Technology Association 2014 Conference, 2014)
    Cyber threats pose substantial risk to government, businesses and individuals. There is an alarming shortage of trained professionals and academic programs to train and produce these professionals. Many countries including ...
  • Davies, Kathryn; Baker, C. (38th Australasian Universities Building Education Association (AUBEA) Conference, 2013)
    Although in the past there have been various pathways into the Quantity Surveying profession in New Zealand, the most common route currently is through a Diploma or Degree in Quantity Surveying or Construction Economics. ...
  • Yang, Fan (Frank) (Master of Architecture (Professional), 2013)
    Expression of Cultural diversity The focus of this research is the design of a Culture and Travel Centre in Auckland, in order to explore how architecture can represent cultural diversity. The Centre will provide a permanent ...

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