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  • Kintsukuroi : natural lighting, tectonics and materiality 

    Patfield, Ethan William Corbett (2017)
    This project is an investigation of Japanese architectural characteristics and the ability to adapt them to the New Zealand context. The characteristics have been chosen due to their universal applications. They, in some ...
  • Evolving the Quarter Acre 

    Niddrie, Edward (2017)
    Like egg whites to a pavlova, New Zealand would not be the same without the quarter acre. The phenomenon of the quarter acre represents the iconic Kiwi housing pattern, although its extinction in our largest city is ...
  • Move, Act, Play, Sing (MAPS) : exploring early childhood arts teaching and learning strategies and concepts through community arts interventions. 

    Lines, D.; Naughton, C.; Roder, J.; Matapo, Jacoba; Whyte, M.; Liao, T. (Teaching and Learning Research Initiative, 2014-09)
    This research narrative tells the story of a Māori immersion early childhood centre’s engagement with the performing arts. In this research, and fundamental to this narrative is the provocation that ...
  • Seismic Discussion Paper 

    Potangaroa, R. (Published for ES&NFI Cluster, 2014-12)
    There does not appear to have been any seismic guidelines despite the obvious seismic character of Afghanistan. The seismic measures that are being used seem to be of unknown heritage and perhaps of questionable value and ...
  • Vitamin D status of Māori and non-Māori octogenarians in New Zealand: a cohort study (LiLACS NZ) 

    Bacon, Catherine; Kerse, N.; Hayman, K. J.; Moyes, S. A.; Teh, R. O.; Kepa, M.; Pillai, A.; Dyall, L. (HEC PRESS (Publons Academy), 2016-12)
    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: This study assessed vitamin D status and its determinants in a cohort of octogenarians living within New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty and Lakes Districts. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: Serum ...

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