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Welcome to Unitec Research Bank, our digital repository service that enables the deposit, storage and discovery of research produced by Unitec students and staff. It is intended to facilitate scholarly communication and shared access to our research outputs.

Unitec Research Bank is developed and maintained by Unitec Library using the DSpace platform in collaboration with members of LCoNZ consortium.

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  • Soniega, Celine (Master of Architecture (Professional), 2012)
    Change is a fast-paced revolution. City blocks and buildings are transformed over a short period of with often no residue. The short transformation period shortens the transition between the past to the present without any ...
  • Reinders, Hayo (ESL magazine, 2007)
    Many teachers have used or at least heard about webquests. These online activities are great for bringing authentic materials into the classroom and for encouraging students to draw on a range of language skills at the ...
  • Reinders, Hayo; Lázaro, Noemí (Computer Assisted Language Learning, 2007)
    Self-access centres are sometimes portrayed as being at the forefront of pedagogical innovation. They are also said to be technology-rich language learning environments. In practice, however, the application of technology ...
  • Lázaro, Noemí; Reinders, Hayo (CALL - EJ, 2007)
    This article reports the findings of a study into the use of technology in three self-access centres. It is based on the results of an earlier study that applied an evaluative framework to compare the use of technology in ...
  • Reinders, Hayo (English Teaching Professional, 2006)
    A recent survey at the University of Auckland showed that a majority of students had one or more mp3 players. Not many made use of them to listen to podcasts (audio broadcasts that can be downloaded from the internet on ...

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