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  • Muddy waters 

    Sutherland, Briar (2016)
    Auckland is surrounded by one of the world’s most precious resources – water. But for decades we have treated our waterways and harbours with scant regard. We have turned our backs on our watery backyard, so that much of ...
  • Filling the blanks : a suburban opportunity for wellbeing 

    West, Ashley (2016)
    ‘Wellbeing’ is not the easiest subject to discuss. It is difficult to quantify, and even more difficult to offer a precise definition. We currently function in a society where our needs are justified and driven by financial ...
  • Arch + Alps 

    Moginie, Amelia (2016)
    The backcountry mountain hut is part of the fabric of New Zealand culture and history.These huts portray a beacon of shelter, a point to strive towards, a goal to reach - a new space, and to most, a personal challenge and ...
  • Mind mine : a memorial for Pike River Mine 

    Riley, Alexandra (2016)
    Pike River Mine exploded on the 19th November 2010 at 3:44pm, killing 29 of the 31 trapped in the mine. The decision was made not to reopen the mine and the bodies remain permanently entombed. This event became New ...
  • Short-term influence of a percussive soft-tissue technique on active weightbearing dorsiflexion and Achilles tendon excursion : a case series 

    Scott-Weekly, Demelza (2016)
    Background: Restriction of lower limb dorsiflexion has been associated with poor musculoskeletal outcomes. Impairment to soft tissue sliding of the tendo-Achilles region is one possible cause of decreased dorsiflexion. ...

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