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  • Supporting BIM adoption and implementation - Case New Zealand 

    Puolitaival, Taija; Amor, R.; GhaffarianHoseini, A.; Park, K. S. (2016-09)
    There is a significant list of reported reasons for why the construction industry is not adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM), or delaying the decision to use BIM. The most common reasons, regardless of the global ...
  • Is radical innovation a new value-adding paradigm for construction organisations or just a current fad? : a critique. 

    Puolitaival, Taija; Kestle, Linda (Australasian Universities Building Education Association Conference (AUBEA), 2016-07)
    The Construction Industry, globally, has long been accused of low levels of productivity and innovation and arguably cannot be as readily measured using mechanisms common to other industries. Innovation is described and ...
  • The Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme : four years on. 

    Murphy, Chris (International Association for Housing Science (IAHS), 2016-09)
    The Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme (LBP Scheme), restricting certain aspects of the design and construction of residential buildings in New Zealand to licensed building personnel, was a Government initiative passed ...
  • A neuro-fuzzy fan speed controller for dynamic thermal management of multi-core processors 

    Abad, Javad Mohebbi Najm; Salami, Bagher; Noori, Hamid; Soleimani, Ali; Madipour, Farhad (ACM DL (Digital Library), 2014-05)
    Cooling equipments is a thermal management technique that reduces the thermal resistance of the heat sink without any performance degradation. However, higher fan speed produces a lower thermal resistance, but at the expense ...
  • 3D FPGA versus multiple FPGA system : enhanced parallelism in smaller area 

    Nunna, Krishna Chaitanya; Madipour, Farhad; Murakami, Kazuaki (2014-01)
    Handling large amounts of data is being limited by bandwidth constraint between processors components and their memory counterparts. Three-dimensional integration (3D) is providing possible solution to handle such critical ...

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